Analog721 is a collection of 100 unique art pieces handmade (not digitally) by Luis "Felirami' Ramirez from Chile!


TitleColors and shapes in my mindDescriptionSometimes you have to let the brush decide for you on the paper... \ Made with Pentel Pocket Brush and Sharpie Colors.PriceSOLD


TitleThe first step is the hardestDescription万事开头难 wàn shì kāi tóu nán – All things are difficult before they are easy.PriceSOLD


TitleDistortion of mindDescriptionLet the distortion of your mind be free and plasm it on the paper. Used on this analog piece: Pilot Fude Makase (Black) and Sharpie colors. Inked on Chilean Stock Market paper from 2013.PriceSOLD


TitleHeavenDescriptionThis is how heaven looks to me. Made with Sharpie colors on a Santiago de Chile Stock Market Paper from 2013PriceΞ0.1


TitleLove(愛)DescriptionShapes made with love. Drawn on a Santiago de Chile Stock Paper from 2013. Used Pentel Pocket Brush and Sharpie Colors.PriceSOLD


TitleLove Truffle (Trufa del Amor)DescriptionEveryone wants a piece of it. Made with Staedtler pigment liner on Rhein Pantone Sketchbook.PriceΞ0.1


Title手を上げろ マザーファッカーDescriptionRaise your hands motherfucker! Inked with Pilot Fude Makase and Colored with Sharpie Colors.PriceΞ0.1


TitleOne Perpetual LineDescriptionEach color is one continual line without lifting my arm. Made with Fine Sharpie Colors on a Santiago de Chile Stock Exchange Paper of 2013. Posted originally on my instagram on September 28th 2020


TitleWaves of ColorDescriptionLove comes from wetting your brush with colors. Made with Sakura Watercolors on Canson 300gms Watercolor Paper. Signed with Posca 3M BlackPriceΞ0.1


TitleBlockchain NoiseDescriptionhissss... - Made with Pentel Fude Brush Black and Red, Kuretake ZIG Brush Pen Chuji Gold and Krack Amarillo Lingote (Yellow Ingot)PriceΞ0.1


TitleSurrounded by colorDescriptionYou are surrounded by color but still feel black and white. Used charcoal LYRA 308/2 , Sharpie fine line colors, Pentel Pocket Brush and Pentel XFL2 Red Brush on Canson Bristol 180gsm paper (cut to A5)PriceΞ0.1